Empowering patients through the pursuit of clinical and research excellence.

Welcome to the McMaster Orthopaedics Trauma and Reconstruction (MOT+R) program. We are a patient-centred organization comprised of clinicians, scholars and staff with the goal of treating the critically injured, restoring patient function, and ultimately, saving lives.

About Us

Based at the Hamilton General Hospital, a Level III trauma center, MOT+R is a group of surgeons, scholars and staff that share the single goal: optimising the care of the critically injured. Through patient-centred clinical care, research and education, MOT+R is dedicated to pushing innovation in the field of orthopaedic traumatology.


At MOT+R, we recognize that the orthopaedic injuries suffered by our patients can have devastating, long-lasting impacts on their lives. We strive to provide our patients with both injury-specific information as well as resources to best cope with the emotional and psychological toll orthopaedic injuries may have.


MOT+R is home to a unique, customizable trauma fellowship that leverages our affiliated academic centres for broad exposure to orthopaedic trauma. As a teaching site for the McMaster University Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program, our surgeons are experienced, passionate clinical-educators. 


Located at the home of evidence-based medicine, McMaster University, MOT+R strives to push innovation in orthopaedic traumatology through a range of research efforts that range from local research to participation in international multi-center randomised controlled trials.

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